About Dominica

Dominica is a tropical paradise with stunning national parks, lush vegetation, and beautiful white sandy beaches. It is home to the oldest and most trusted economic citizenship by investment program, which has been running since 1993. The program allows individuals to obtain a second citizenship by making a contribution to the country’s development or investing in real estate. Dominica’s citizenship program is one of the most popular in the Caribbean, with contributions starting from $100,000, and a passport can be obtained within 3-4 months.

To ensure a successful citizenship application in Dominica, our team will be with you every step of the way. You will have a dedicated account manager who will provide you with the necessary knowledge to make a sound investment and fulfill all the program’s requirements.

Dominica Citizenship Benefits

  • Invest once, get lifetime citizenship in Dominica
  • Cheapest program in the Caribbean for single applicants without families
  • No need to live in Dominica before or after obtaining citizenship
  • Enjoy visa-free travel to 140+ countries, including the UK, China, Russia, and EU countries
  • No mandatory interviews or language tests are required
  • No personal visit to Dominica is necessary
  • Passport with a 10-year validity period
  • Available to all nationalities
  • Citizenship also extends to the applicant’s family and children
  • No interviews or residency requirements
  • Residents can live and work in Dominica
  • No wealth, gift, inheritance, foreign income, or capital gains tax, and no personal income tax for residents
  • No restrictions on repatriation of profits and imported capital for businesses
  • Corporate tax incentives and full exemption from import duties
NTF Fund Donation
Real Estate Property Investment
VISA-FREE Countries
Best CBI Ranking
No Interview, No Language Test
Passport Validity

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How to Obtain Grenada Citizenship

The Dominica citizenship-by-investment Program is established by law as per Section 101 of the Constitution and Sections 8 and 20 (1) of the Citizenship Act of Dominica.

To be eligible for the program, you must make a minimum investment of either

  • a one-time donation of USD 100,000 to the Government fund
  • or a USD 200,000 real estate investment.

Restrictions in the Dominica CBI Program

  • Siblings are ineligible for the program.
  • To be eligible, parents or grandparents must be at least 65 years old.
  • Economic citizens are not allowed to change their name, unless they are residents of Dominica.

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